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I provide intelligent and sensible design
solutions that optimize the usability and aesthetics of space and objects and help my Clients improve their quality of life, productivity, safety, and well-being.


I work methodically, proceeding from
formulating design objectives in conjunction with my Clients to developing conceptual and refined designs, assisting Clients in choosing furniture, fixtures, equipment, materials and finishes, and producing detailed design drawings and specifications. Services also include coordinating consultants' documents, obtaining fabrication and construction cost estimates, assisting Clients in selecting contractors, and conducting field inspections during fabrication and construction.


By implementing careful analysis of design opportunities and constraints, creative problem-solving and attention to detail, I achieve results that are both exciting and unique, yet sensible and focused on Clients’ needs. By keeping overhead costs low and by fully utilizing available resources, I provide cost-effective designs within budget.


Through ongoing communication and periodic presentations, my Clients retain ultimate control of the project. My Clients benefit by minimizing cost overruns and anxiety, while maximizing project quality and satisfaction with the final result


Martin Schweizer

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Schweizer Design, LLC service arrangements vary from single consultations to full spectrum project planning and management.







Services are typically rendered directly to Clients, but also in collaboration with planning professionals in different fields, and to out-of-town design enterprises representing them locally.




Mr. Schweizer provided highly customized designs to meet our family’s needs. His services included all aspects of interior design, from new wall layouts to technical and mechanical disciplines, to custom millwork, furniture, rugs and surface treatments, and assistance in selecting furniture, furnishings and light fixtures. His design drawings were very specific and proved to be immensely useful during construction.

We highly recommend Martin Schweizer to anyone who needs the services of an interior designer. He is an affable, extraordinarily creative and talented man of strong character. His honesty, painstaking attention to detail, timeliness and efficiency all serve him well in his ability to interact effectively with clients, other planning professionals, contractors, and suppliers. These qualities made our experience most pleasant with very satisfying results. We enjoy our homes, which still look fresh and timeless, having made thoughtful, good decisions with Mr. Schweizer’s guidance. 

C. Landess, New York


My husband and I worked with Martin Schweizer to renovate a kitchen and bathroom in our apartment. At first, I thought that we could do it by ourselves, working with a contractor; I was not moving any walls, only wanted to modernize what previously existed and I knew what I wanted. After learning the current cost of construction, I did not want the sole responsibility to design the new space.

I do not regret for one minute the decision to work with Martin. He understood what we wanted to do, changed the layout of the kitchen so that it became much more convenient, was very knowledgeable about products and was responsive to our input. He worked very closely with the contractor and ensured that the finished product was exactly what was designed. I’m totally pleased with the result.

A. Orlin, New York


Martin is an outstanding interior designer since he combines a meticulous approach to planning a project with an extraordinary sense of design. He is also very sensitive to learning what it is that his client wants and working with the client to develop an overall plan for the project that carries out the client’s objectives in an architecturally elegant way. And Martin is always a very enjoyable person to work with.

Howard Hallengren
New York 


Martin is a brilliant practitioner who is inventive, resourceful and scrupulous in his attention to detail. His intelligence and thoughtfulness are not easily found in this field. I would recommend him enthusiastically and without hesitation.

Milton Glaser, Milton Glaser Inc.

New York City

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